Back To School – Sacred Space Prayer Experience




BACK TO SCHOOL Sacred Space Prayer Experience:

Making an Impact for God. An entire prayer experience helping youth and/or families reflect on faith in the coming school year.

This kit includes a leader’s guide, sign/directions to print out for each station, and photo examples of each station.

Along with the Intro Station, there are 12 additional stations associated with the Back to School Sacred Space Prayer Experience.

They can be used individually, over a course of weeks, or can be set up together as one experience. Each station involves using a different school supply to engage participants in prayer.

Station 0 Intro Station

  1. Water Station
  2. Bringing Light and Flavor into our World
  3. Measuring Station
  4. Addition
  5. Subtraction
  6. Erasing Station: Confession & Forgiveness
  7. Art Creation: Praying for Others
  8. Journaling Station
  9. Praying for Lunch: What About Lunch?
  10. Praying for the World
  11. Backpack Station Pt. 1
  12. Backpack Station Pt. 2


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