Prayers for Our Nation

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This resource helps us to pray for the United States in a tangible way.We move beyond our own longings, fears, frustrations and hopes, and return to the truth of God’s love for us all. It involves daily practice of prayer with prayer hearts. It invites us to rest in God’s care and trust in God’s guidance, moving us from anxiety to gratitude. It can be used individually and for an entire church community. Feel free to circulate to your entire community or to a few friends. But as a small company, we ask that you don’t distribute it further. Updated in 2021 to reflect the changes in the U.S. Administration.

This kit includes

  • Leader’s Guide
  • Downloadable templates
  • 80 hearts included with names of people/groups to print, plus blanks to create your own hearts
  • Fruit of the Spirit crosses that can be used as blessings in your prayer
  • Table topper with Morning and Evening Prayer
  • Ways to use this with your community, family, small group or on your own

1 review for Prayers for Our Nation

  1. Kara

    We have used this resource for three years in multiple contexts and ways in our church. It has helped us to be open to compassion and connection for our country and fellow Americans, and gave us a concrete way to pray for our nation that is non-partisan and keeps us connected to God’s kingdom and each other. So glad it’s being rereleased as an Election-related resource.

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