Retreat Sacred Space Prayer Experience (Pre-Sale)

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Retreat/Camp Kit with Following Jesus Sacred Space

Themes: Discipleship, Being a Follower of Jesus, Living out our Faith

This kit can be used on a retreat, during a camp, or as a gathering at your church. The Sacred Space can be set up on it’s own for your community because the theme is about living our faith and following Jesus.

Retreat/Camp Kit contains five Prayer Practices (ways to pray/worship) to be used with, or instead of, singing worship:

  • Praying for Our People 
  • Servant Leadership Practice
  • Hands of Jesus
  • Parable Walk
  • Praying with Current Events

The kit also contains a complete Sacred Space Prayer Experience

Featuring these 13 prayer stations

  • Intro Station
  • Get Out of the Boat 
  • Fish for People 
  • Say Thank You 
  • Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear the Cries for Justice 
  • We Practice Rest/Sabbath
  • We Love the World 
  • We Carry the Cross
  • We Say We are Sorry 
  • We Heal the Sick
  • We Practice Welcome 
  • We Create things of Beauty 
  • We Love our Enemies


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