Lilly Lewin

For over twenty years, Lilly Lewin has created and curated experiential worship experiences around the world for conferences, including Youth Specialties’ National Youth Workers Convention, as well as local churches and camps. She is a speaker, worship curator and the co-author of the book Sacred Space, along with Dan Kimball. 


Joanna Cummings

Joanna Cummings is a writer, innovator, and ordained pastor. She’s been leading children’s, youth and family ministry for over 15 years. She is also the creator of, where she develops seasonally-themed worship boxes for families and churches.

Ginny Olson

Ginny Olson has been involved in ministry for several decades on a variety of levels: youth pastor, professor, speaker, writer, and interim Executive Director of Youth Specialties. As an author, her books include Teenage Girls and Youth Ministry Management Tools 2.0, which she co-authored with Mike Work.

“Lilly has been teaching people how to engage in multi-sensory worship and prayer experiences for decades, her wisdom is particularly useful now as we try to engage the church in news ways virtually during the pandemic.  My hope is that even when this passes, creative insights shared by Lilly and Free Range Worship will continue to influence how we come together. “ 

Mark Matlock

FreeRange Worship intuitively sets a table for people to feast on the beauty and mystery of the divine.

Mike King