The Digital Sanctuary is an on-line Sacred Space experience. A place to try out and experience different ways to pray and worship. These interactive prayer stations invite you to participate in worship.  So please take some time to PRAY through the stations. 

We can create a Digital Sanctuary/Sacred Space Experience for your event, conference, or church community. Just ask!

Hands of Jesus

Props: pen and paper

This is a digital prayer station designed to help you pray and consider how you can be the hands of Jesus in your community. You will need a piece of paper and pen to pray with and the action is tracing your hand and following the written instructions. Actually TRACE your hand on a piece of paper and write your prayers inside your hand. Take a photo of the things God gives you to do so you can remember to pray for these things and to actually go and do them.

This is an interactive experience designed around the traditional Stations of the Cross. You will take the journey of Jesus from meeting Pilate, to the Cross and the hope of the Resurrection. It can take you 45 minutes to pray all the stations but feel free to stop and start as you have time to pray. 

A collaboration by Lilly Lewin and Rev Ed Goode.

You will need “props to pray with” for this experience

  • A blank piece of paper for writing on
  • A marker or pen
  • A piece of scrap paper or scrap cloth
  • A piece of string or ribbon at least 8″ long (but longer might be helpful)
  • A band-aid
  • A place to wash your hands
  • A bottle of vinegar and a small glass
  • A nail, a toothpick, or a pin
  • A seed and a place to plant it

Stations of the Cross

Dreams For God

Props: Pen and paper (empty jars optional)

This is a narrated prayer station using the concept of God holding our dreams and prayers in jars. Pray with this station by writing down your prayers as directed. This is a great practice to do with your family or household. Find an empty jar and have each person write their dreams and their prayers and continue to add to the jar in the weeks ahead. 

Praying with Art

No props needed.

This prayer station is a visual prayer practice. Look at the art piece and pray as instructed. Allow the Holy Spirit to inspire you as you pray.
What is God growing in your heart today?
What are the new things God wants to grow in you and through you in the months ahead?
God has planted you in a certain town, neighborhood, place…How can you participate in what the Holy Spirit is doing where you live? Ask God to show you.
What is an art piece you can use to practice praying?

Prayer by Lilly Lewin. Art piece: “Flourishing Heart” by Scott Erickson

Check more of Scott Erickson’s work here

Parable Walks

Watch the video and take a parable walk. Watch and consider what the Holy Spirit wants to say to you today. What did you notice as you watched the video? What emotions came up for you? What are you curious about? How have the last few months changed your view of things?

WATCH the video again. How has getting outside in nature helped you in these last few months? What has inspired you? Who or what has helped you along this journey of the pandemic? Spend some time thanking Jesus for these people and these practices.

Take some time this week to get outside and take a parable walk. Let Jesus speak to you through Creation. You might use Psalm 12 as Ed did. Read and or listen to the Psalm before you start your walk. You could take photos of what the Holy Spirit highlights for you, or pick up a feather, or a stone or some other item that God uses to inspire you. Breathe, walk, notice, pay attention!
What does the Holy Spirit use to speak to you along your walk? End by thanking Jesus for this time.

Video created by Ed Goode. Ed is a pastor, photographer, and contemplative. Check out more Ed’s work here

Check out more Ed’s work here