a pilgrimage of discovery and creativity

a community of friends seeking to live out faith in the way of Jesus.

a monthly and weekly gatherings featuring lectio divina, artistic response, journaling and chocolate

the celtic christian term for the places where heaven and earth touch, it is in these thinplaces where you can experience God’s presence

sacred space


a worship experience is of a series of Prayer Stations based on a theme or on a passage of Scripture. 

these prayer stations can be used as a part of worship or as worship on their own. 

rather than teaching or preaching a sermon on a passage from the Bible, the prayer stations have the scripture and each person interacts with it on their own using various mediums and responses. 



lilly teaches workshops about leading and setting up sacred spaces. she shares about how and why sacred space matters, along with creating a sacred space experience for you.

invite lilly to come to your church or conference.

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