Stations of the Cross



This kit contains 15 prayer stations that you can set up for Lent, Holy Week or any time you’d like your community to engage the final days of Jesus’s life. These stations are based on the traditional 14 stations of the cross with a “hope of the resurrection station” at the end. They were originally designed for St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Cincinnati, OH and have been used for the past several years in the Sanctuary at the National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC: Youth Specialties). This downloadable kit includes a supply list, a pdf of all the signage you will need, photos of how the stations can be set up, and a link to photos of the stations. It is recommended that you take your own photos of stations of the cross, which can usually be found at a local Catholic church or convent, or you might even have people in your community create or take pictures representing the stations.

Introduction: Introducing the Stations
1 Jesus is condemned to death (wash hands)
2. Jesus takes up his cross (make a cross)
3. Jesus falls under the weight of his cross (writing on the cross)
4. Jesus meets his Mother (Post-It hearts)
5. Simon the Cyrene carries the Cross (hold your cross)
6. The Face of Jesus is Wiped by Veronica (band aids and stamp)
7. Jesus falls the Second Time (write on the cross)
8. Women of Jerusalem Mourn the Lord
9. Jesus falls the Third Time (photos of global events)
10. Jesus is stripped of his garments (taste the vinegar)
11. Jesus is nailed to the cross (nailing a nail)
12. Jesus dies on the cross (rip the fabric)
13. Jesus in the Arms of his mother (hold Jesus)
14. Jesus is Laid in the Tomb (fabric and spices)
15. The Hope of Resurrection (plant a seed)


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