Advent – Sacred Space Prayer Experience




The season of Advent is about expectantly awaiting the coming of Jesus, both then and now. This complete sacred space prayer experience helps guide participants through the spiritual practice of waiting. With 12 prayer stations, this experience is sure to bring your community into a deeper understanding of Advent and help them engage God through using all their senses.
In this package, you will get both the Word docs and PDFs for all signs/instructions to print out, a leader’s guide with supply lists and set up instructions, plus example pictures of each station.

Station 0: Introducing Advent
Station 1: We don’t Like Waiting
Station 2: Waiting in the Christmas Story
Station 3: The Survey Says
Station 4: How do you See Time?
Station 5: Instant Everything
Station 6: Art Station Taking Time to Create
Station 7: Preparing the Way (confession)
Station 8: Who are you waiting for?
Station 9: Willing to Wait on Emmanuel
Station 10: Missing the Gift
Station 11: Types of Waiting
Station 12: Rest Stop
Station 13: The World is Waiting
Station 14: Art Reflection Station
Station 15: Wailing Wall

Note: participants do not have to follow a certain order to pray through these stations.


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