Christmas Sacred Space Prayer Experience




CHRISTMAS SACRED SPACE KIT: The Christmas Sacred Space Prayer Experience is a downloadable Kit that includes 8+ prayer stations that can be set up together or used individually to help your community experience the Story of Christmas with all their senses and prepare for the arrival of Jesus.

Kit includes both PDF and Word docs of the signs/instructions to print out for each station, leader’s guide, and photos of station examples. Use with Luke 2 or Matthew 1.

  • Station 1: Intro Station
  • Station 2: Light a Candle. Make Room for the Baby
  • Station 3: Duct Tape Confessional
  • Station 4: The Gift of a Baby
  • Station 5: Pray for the World
  • Station 6: Living in the Story
  • Station 7: Wrapped in the Love of Jesus
  • Station 8: Rest Station
  • Station 9: Art Station
  • Station 10: Christmas in the Mess

Christmas Sacred Space can be used throughout December. It can be created as a stand-alone Sacred Space hosted on an evening or weekend for your youth group or entire congregation and their friends! The stations can also be used as part of a Jesus Birthday Party for families and people of all ages.


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