At the Table with Jesus – Sacred Space Prayer Experience





This prayer experience includes interactive prayer stations based on the tables where Jesus sat. Jesus was often found at dinner parties, weddings, and at other tables where interesting conversations and profound teaching took place. Jesus often got into trouble because who he hung out with at the table.  This package includes a leader’s guide with supply lists and instructions for setting up the 12 prayer stations including a photo representing each station, and PRINTABLE signage for each of the 12 prayer stations based on the tables where Jesus sat. You will find a PDF for each station that can be printed and a Word doc that can be edited as needed.  These stations can be used one at a time,  as a response to a message OR create them as a group for a prayer experience for a special event.  Many of the stations are based on the GOSPEL of LUKE so they are perfect for Lectionary YEAR C. This is a great Sacred Space to set up for a retreat or use in October or November near Thanksgiving.


0.    Entry Station

  1. Party with Levi
  2. People without Tables
  3. Everyday Tables
  4. Banquets verses Fast Food
  5. Unwelcomed Guest
  6. Psalm 23 Table of Reconciliation
  7. Rest: Sitting with Jesus Mary and Martha
  8. Frauds
  9. Excuses , Parable of the Great Banquet
  10. Last Supper
  11. The Road to Emmaus
  12. Breakfast at the Beach


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