The Gift of a Sacred Summer: an 8-week interactive kit (Large Churches)



The Gift of a Sacred Summer: An experiential 8+ week kit to help you grow closer to Jesus this summer using all your senses.

Think about your summer and how you’d like it to look. How will you make sure this summer is one of spiritual growth, rest, and rhythm?

The Gift of a Sacred Summer is 8 weeks (plus a bonus week) of reflective and interactive practices. Each week is focused on a different topic, like the Gift of Rest or the Gift of Play. It can be used as a series or as stand-alone units.

DOWNLOAD this FREE Sample Week of A Sacred Summer to get a taste of what a week in the kit looks like.

This kit is perfect for families, youth ministries, small groups, or an entire church community. It can be used with age-specific groups, intergenerationally, or as a personal devotion. It’s easily adaptable for retreats or week-long camps.

The Gift of a Sacred Summer contents:

  1. The Gift of Rest
  2. The Gift of Silence
  3. The Gift of Nature
  4. The Gift of Gratitude
  5. The Gift of Justice
  6. The Gift of Love
  7. The Gift of Play
  8. The Gift to Create
  9. The Gift of Grief (a bonus section in response to the pandemic)

Each Gift includes:

  • 5-minute Practice - a quick way to engage each gift
  • 15-minute Practice - for those who want to spend a little more time engaging each gift
  • Going Deeper Practice - these take some preparation and possibly supplies.
  • Scripture - curated passages connected to each gift
  • Reflection Questions - these can be used as journaling prompts or for discussion.

Also included:

  • Liturgies and Prayers - to use each week in a summer teaching series
  • Social Media Graphics - designed for Facebook and Instagram to help you encourage Sacred Summer practices in your community
  • Ideas of how to practice each gift with small groups, families, or your church


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