Gratitude Jar Kit – Free Download


This free download is the perfect resource to enter into a Season of Gratitude. The kit includes a drawing of a jar, instructions (see more in the description), and words to cut out for your jar or box.

How to Use Gratitude Jar Kit

Each person or family will need a jar which can be decorated, or you can use a gift box instead of a jar. Each person /family will need a set of the words/phrases printed out and scissors to cut out the words. The idea is to create a GRATEFUL JAR with words and phrases to help you pray and practice gratitude each day.

You can use the drawing of the Grateful Jar as a prayer response during worship. Each person will need a picture/handout of the jar and a pen or pencil. Invite participants to Consider all the gifts of this week, all the things you have to be grateful for in your life today…

WRITE these things on your jar. Ask Jesus to show you.

(Give people time to actually write down these things). After they have finished writing, have participants hold the paper. And pray something like this  ( if you use slides, you could do this as a corporate prayer praying this aloud together. If you are using this with a small group or youth group, you could have people share in pairs what things they are thankful for .

“Lord we thank you that you fill our lives with Good Things.
Even when things are dark and confusing, you give us things to be grateful for each day.
Thank you for all of these things!
Help us to notice and pay attention today and everyday to the good gifts you give us!
Thank you Lord. And all God’s people said “AMEN”

Feel free to print out or send out the PDF to your community just let them know you got it from and Lilly Lewin! We’d love to hear how you use the Grateful Jar! So send us your stories and pics! #freerangeworship


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