Walking in Wonder through Advent Retreat Online Course


Inspired by Christine Sine’s latest book The Gift of Wonder, and by our recognition that wonder is at the heart of the Advent story, Lilly Lewin and Christine Sine will encourage you to get ready for the season and for the birth of Christ by providing a collaborative retreat process that will help us enter this season with joy and delight in our hearts. This course provides a fun process of interaction, creativity, and reflection.

What will you get?

  • 180 days of access allowing you to experience the retreat at your own pace
  • Engaging survey questions
  • 4 Module videos with Christine Sine, Lilly Lewin, and responses from our participants from the live retreat
  • Handouts and coloring pages to print out
  • Advent in a Jar Downloadable Activity
  • Resources from Christine Sine and Lilly Lewin as well as those shared by our participants during the retreat

This retreat was adapted from our live, interactive virtual retreat with real participants providing their comments and feedback. Recording used with permission by all participants included


“No season of the year is more filled with wonder than that of Advent and Christmas. The story turns our understanding of the world upside down.  From the stunning revelation that our creator God plans to be born into history as the son of an unwed peasant, until Jesus arrives in the tiny town of Bethlehem and is surrounded by the lowly shepherds, we are inspired.
Yet we live in an awe deprived world and are so familiar with the story that its wonder and glory often elude us”  Christine Sine


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